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Stay on the Path with One Technology Consulting

At One Technology Consulting, we provide change management, project management, and product management services for our clients. Ashneel Singh is a certified, experienced technology consultant who has worked with many leading companies across a broad spectrum of industries, implementing technology strategies and roadmaps for growth, improvement, and positive change.

Learn more about each of our service areas:

Change Management 

Product Management 

Project Management

Expertise. Innovation. Growth.

With years of experience in the technology ecosystem, Ashneel is uniquely prepared to provide your company with the tools you need to get where you want to go. As technology rapidly evolves, companies are forced to adapt or risk falling behind. Effective technology management and access to smart, strategic consulting services keeps you and your team moving forward.

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, contact One Technology Consulting today.

Warehouse Workers

Change Management

Our certified change manager helps companies successfully navigate change initiatives. 


Project Management

We approach project management with a focus on technical proficiency and communication.

Machine in Factory

Product Management

Discover tools that facilitate quantification of product quality and drive real growth.

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