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About One Technology Consulting

One Technology Consulting: Real Business Solutions. 

Meet Ashneel Singh
Ashneel Singh is an experienced and proficient technical project manager with a demonstrated history of delivering results for clients in a broad spectrum of industries. Skilled in Databases, Management, Software as a Service (SaaS), Scrum, and Agile Methodologies, he provides seasoned insight and skilled guidance for his clients in the areas of product management, project management, and change management. Ashneel is a strong program and project management professional with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in Psychology & Computer Science from The University of British Columbia. He is certified in project management and in change management. 

Expertise. Communication. Proficiency. 
One Technology Consulting was founded to help our clients achieve success. We’ve worked with leading-edge companies in a range of industries to achieve positive outcomes using advanced tools, proven processes, and innovative solutions. We rely on technical proficiency and excellent communication for optimal outcomes. When you need an expert from the technology ecosystem to tackle your most complex and difficult projects, contact One Technology Consulting. 

Our Services
We provide change management, product management, and project management services. These services work together to provide you with a whole host of tools designed to help your business grow. Product management allows us to drill deep into a single problem you have, measure what the state of the problem is today, and then propose changes, while also identifying quantifiable methods to measure those changes in action. Our project management and change management skillsets allow us to see those recommended changes through to execution operationally.

For more information, or to arrange your initial consultation with Ashneel, contact One Technology Consulting today! 

Our Services:

Warehouse Workers

Change Management

Our certified change manager helps companies successfully navigate change initiatives. 


Project Management

We approach project management with a focus on technical proficiency and communication.

Machine in Factory

Product Management

Discover tools that facilitate quantification of product quality and drive real growth.

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