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Change Management

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What is Change Management?

Is your team facing a major organizational change? Change management is a highly specialized field involving a number of approaches designed to guide and support organizations through change initiatives. 

Any kind of major organizational change will typically invoke adjustments to the way your company works at a variety of levels, such as:

  • Types of technology used

  • Usage of technology

  • Reporting processes

  • Company benchmarks and success metrics

  • Employee roles

  • Organizational structure 

Ultimately, organizational change is about people changing. Prosci certified change manager Ashneel Singh helps you and your team succeed through projects of any size. One Technology Consulting can create a customized plan based on your needs and designed for success. Our goal is to give every affected member of your team the resources and coaching necessary to reach a positive outcome.

Prosci® Certified Change Manager
Ashneel Singh has obtained his certification through the Prosci Change Management Process, an internationally recognized program. 

A change manager is a professional who can help your organization succeed and flourish through a change project. Very few change management consultants are certified change managers. 

One Technology Consulting is different. 

Not only do we offer skill and experience, we also have the professional preparation and training. This means we can facilitate optimal results and give your team confidence.

Seeing Success in Change Initiatives
Our passion at One Technology Consulting is guiding our clients to success in change. Our focus throughout a transition is communication. We create a structured game plan, focus on keeping lines of communication open between your team members, and help everyone know what to expect and how to survive and thrive through the change process.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation appointment regarding your change initiative, contact One Technology Consulting today.​

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