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Project Management

Project Management


One Technology Consulting: Project Management

One Technology Consulting provides comprehensive project management services with a focus on excellent communication and superior technical skills to foster growth and successful outcomes. Our technology consultant, Ashneel Singh, is a certified project manager with years of experience implementing positive project oversight for cutting-edge companies across a broad range of industries, and able to provide the assistance and support necessary to add significant value to your project by providing direction and problem-solving every step of the way.

Triangle of Service
We build our project management approach around three crucial areas of excellence:


  1. Certification – You want someone who is qualified and experienced, with the formal training and quantifiable qualifications to give you confidence and to effectively solve problems, make recommendations, and arrive at solutions. Ashneel Singh is a certified project manager through PMI, a benchmark few in the industry obtain. 

  2. Technical skills – Our focus is on the technicalities of project management. One Technology Consulting is known for technical proficiency combined with creativity and a solution-oriented approach. We get into the nitty gritty details of what’s going on so we can thoroughly and masterfully address any issue you may be going through for a complete resolution and successful result.

  3. Excellent communication – The secret to a positive result for your project is consistent and effective communication throughout your team. We believe open communication leads to successful outcomes.


It’s important to discuss every aspect of your project thoroughly with all affected parties and to have a plan of action for facilitating ongoing communication along the way. We’ve seen enough to know how crucial communication is for project outcomes, and that’s why we have made it a core tenet of our approach.

To learn more, or to schedule a consultation with our certified project manager, contact One Technology Consulting today.​

Project Management Certifications:

PMI Certified

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